the only name in soho


In UAL’s open, oversized loft spaces, tenants will find historic exposed brick, high ceilings, oversized windows, modern elevators and hardwood floors. Residential quality kitchens and bathrooms feature state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures.


UAL’s Soho buildings benefit from prime locations in the heart of Soho, just steps away from the boutiques, restaurants, hotels and galleries that infuse the area with a unique, sought after energy.


Started 40 years ago by Jack Laboz and passed down to his sons and grandsons, UAL Soho is a family affair on every level. The company maintains long-lasting, strong relationships with its tenants and brokers and are wholly committed to their success.



UAL Soho is always looking for new and inspiring ways to enrich the neighborhood, as seen through our efforts to transform the Canal Street retail landscape, curating pop up stores and creating a buzz heard around the city.